certified Developer Certification: Knowledge Check Questions-Part-III

This blog post is all about the knowledge check questions from the premier training catalog. The following list is the links to the knowledge check questions.
1. Once you create a report that utilizes a field for counting, you can use that field in additional calculations.
A. True
B. False
2. When creating a formula field to allow you to count unique records in a report, what formula should you use?
A. 1
B. X + 1
C. X.1
D. 2
3. Once you create a new formula field to group information, what else do you need to do to show the grouping on a dashboard? (Select all that apply).
A. Create a formula for each of the groups.
B. Run a report using the grouping formula field
C. Create/update a dashboard component using the updated report.
D. Create a dashboard component for the non-grouped information.
4. You need to create a new formula field when you want to do which of the following? (Select all that apply).
A. Group scores into categories
B. Create a custom report
C. Count the number of records
D. Schedule to run a report at a later date.
5. You want to count the number of interviews conducted for each position. Once you create a formula field to count the number of interviews, what is your next step?
A. Run a report using the new field
B. Create a “Number of Interviews” component on the dashboard.
C. Create a report to group interviews by positions
D. Calculate the ratio between positions and interviews
6. A formula field can be used to “bucket” or group together similar values to make a report or dashboard easier to read
A. True
B. False
7. Analytic snapshots map the fields on the source report to fields on a custom object
A. True
B. False
8. Analytic snapshots always run weekly
A. True
B. False
9. Analytic snapshots allow you to view historical data and analyze trends.
A. True
B. False
10. Setting up the analytic snapshot includes which of these steps? (Select all that apply)
A. Selecting the source report
B. Selecting the target object
C. Mapping the fields on the report to the target object
D. Running the report to analyze historical data
E. Scheduling the frequency for taking the snapshot
11. Analytic snapshots can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly
A. True
B. False
12. You are running a report that utilizes data captured in an Analytic Snapshot to analyze historical trends. What should you include in the report?
A. The source report
B. The target object
C. Both the source report and the target object.
13. The more time exists between the Start and End Dates, the more snapshots will be listed in the report.
A. True
B. False
14.  How do analytic snapshots facilitate analyzing trends?
A. They automatically run reports at regular intervals so users can compare the reports side by side
B. They allow users to capture the highest and lowest points of data on a given time so that users can analyze the range of performance
C. They automatically store data at regular intervals so that users can report on and analyze that data later.
D. They provide a comprehensive analysis of past performance compared to current performance.
15. To set up the analytic snapshot, you must map ______
A. Fields on the resource report to the snapshots
B. Fields on the source report to the custom object
C. Fields on the custom object to fields on the source report
D. Fields on the custom object to the scheduled snapshots
16. Which path would you follow to create a custom object as the target object for an analytic snapshot?
A. Your Name  | Setup | Customize | Objects
B. Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects
C. Your Name | Setup | Data Management | Analytic Snapshots
D. Your Name | Setup | Data Management | Objects
17. In which of these reporting scenarios would you need a partner’s help?
A. You want to show who are the employees who interviewed each candidate
B. You want to Create a report that lists all contacts that have no cases associated with them.
C. You want to use different colors to highlight certain text values on a report.
D. You want the names of highly qualified candidates to feed into a job offer form, which you’ll mail to these candidates
E. You want to create a Candidate Competency report that will tell how qualified are the candidates that you teams are interviewing.
18. Some challenges are best solved using a RaaS application; others are best solved using a BIaaS application; and yet others – using a Data Warehousing application
A. True
B. False
19. To find partner applications that extend reporting capabilities, go to
1. A
2. A
3. B,C
4. A,C
5. A
6. A
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. A,B,C,E
11. A
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. B,C,D
18. A
19. B

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